Hi! I’m Andy Osthoff, a game programmer, sometimes-writer, and generally anxious person currently living in Minneapolis. 

I love video games. I love them badly enough that in 2015 I went back to school because I wanted to understand how the machines they run on work. In January 2018 I graduated with a BS in computer science from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, I’m still learning a lot about game programming, and as a consequence I love games even more than I used to.

I originally graduated with a BA in English literature and journalism in 2010, also through the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. While working toward that degree I was an editor for the undergraduate literary magazine Ivory Tower, I wrote a feature about friendships in World of Warcraft for a student magazine, and I interned at Tiger Oak Publications. After graduation I was the managing editor for the Boundary Waters Journal, a quarterly magazine about the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Quetico Provencial Park. I have written a novella-length piece of near-future science fiction about people who traffic in the physical transference of pirated intellectual property, but I mostly just wrote it for me. I suppose this means I have experience in longform fiction, nonfiction, and editing. If software engineering terms were applied to writers, I suppose this would make me a unicorn. I am glad writing is not like software engineering in that particular way.

I think a lot of things could be a lot better. I’m doing what I can.