Hello, internet. I’m Andrew Osthoff, and this is an intricately designed work of functional art composed from raw genius, built upon the backs of an incredible collection of human talent spread across decades. You may also notice that, as my contribution, I have put words across it.

I have BAs in English literature and journalism from the University of Minnesota, where I worked as on several magazine projects, including the the undergraduate literary magazine Ivory Tower, and interned at Tiger Oak Publications. After graduation I was the managing editor for the Boundary Waters Journal, a magazine started by my family in 1987.

Stories are important to me whether they’re news or fiction, in a book or on a screen, and whether they’re classical literature or told over an evening of slaying dragons and rolling dice with friends. I try to consume as many good stories as possible, to the point that it’s difficult for me to separate all my childhood memories of video games, RPG supplements, and fantasy/sci-fi literature. As someone growing up in northern Minnesota, the internet was amazing. In a town where the closest real bookstore was two hours away, the web brought the world. Aside from bringing more stories, technology has a way of mirroring the greater spirit and (potentially misguided) wishes of humans. We’re living in a time when you can hold a real tricorder, cars drive themselves, and every so often the wonder of fiction–or what used to be–can be felt grounded in life. For me, it’s all smooshed together into a metamorphic substrate with tech and mythos bound to the same currency.

There’s a formula for things that move us in this way; technology bends this property to human access, and it’s amazing. I don’t pretend to recognize how it works or to know its defining contours. Really, I’d like to be a thief. I would like to extract value from the stream.

Thank you for stopping by, and please drop me your thoughts.

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