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Steam Trading Cards

On a mechanical level, injecting real money into games when you can already play them falls into a few basic categories. Diablo 3 is one of the few wholesale examples of “pay to win.” There are some people who leverage this by injecting capital, then using arcane, twisted arbitrage to leap to the top. There […]

RTX 2013

They say you should never meet your heroes. I’m not sure what they say when some of those heroes broadcast half of their daily lives for everyone to see, but I still like them well enough. And it feels like I’ve met them. July 5 marked the beginning of RTX 2013, and I was packed into the […]

Review: Remember Me

While I won’t give the story away, minor spoilers follow. I started this review having just finished the game, which I paid $45 for via Green Man Gaming. Dystopic future Paris? A world addicted to erasing painful memories? A sprawling cyberpunk adventure to hold me over until Shadowrun Returns comes out? My dollars were basically wagered […]