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Review: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

First-person narrative-heavy exploration games are usually blunt instruments, and that’s okay. Fans remember Myst as a fantastic world full of secrets–not a game crammed full of infuriating puzzles that most of us needed strategy guides to solve. What counts is the feeling of freedom against the unknown. When this hazy genre convinces players that an uneasy truce exists between their actions […]

D&D: Don’t call it a comeback

Action points and character powers are out. Attribute based saves and a Vancian magic system are in. Some see this as rewinding the clock on Dungeons and Dragons, largely undoing the changes made by fourth edition. But the more I parse the player’s handbook, the less I agree with that interpretation. Beneath its mechanics, this edition feels more primeval. […]

Dragon Age Replayed

With Dragon Age: Inquisition coming out October 7 November 18 (and me never having  played Awakening, the first game’s expansion) I wanted to get a fresh save file, start to finish, with choices that fit my personal canon. (ed: Another change…save files won’t be importable, but you will be able to choose what protagonists did in the first […]

Not a Review: GTA V

Mild spoilers below. I am currently 42% done with the game(39/69 missions). Grand Theft Auto V has received universal acclaim. IGN and Giant Bomb gave it perfect scores, while Eurogamer, Polygon, and Game Informer all gave it a 9/10 or higher. When Gamespot gave the game a 9, commenters screamed that the reviewer should be fired. 

Review: Gone Home

Making new friends was awesome when I was a little kid…especially because I would get to see their homes. Old farmhouses, duplexes, little suburban cubes where the first floor wraps around itself in an attempt to seem bigger than it really is–I was always surprised at how differently people lived. Years later, the sound of […]

Review: Remember Me

While I won’t give the story away, minor spoilers follow. I started this review having just finished the game, which I paid $45 for via Green Man Gaming. Dystopic future Paris? A world addicted to erasing painful memories? A sprawling cyberpunk adventure to hold me over until Shadowrun Returns comes out? My dollars were basically wagered […]