Torch (Github) is a simple 2D roguelike that I am building in C++/OpenGL without external libraries or most C++ features (essentially just function and operator overloading). This was largely inspired by Handmade Hero, but with much less ambitious engineering goals.

As of 3/26/18 I’ve implemented basic layered sprite rendering, idle/movement animations, input control, and simple A* and path tracing. This is on top of the necessary memory allocations, window/context creation, and OpenGL functionalty, all of which is either handled with Windows-specific functions or without external libraries like GLEW or GLUT.

In the future I want to add more interesting mechanics that support emergent gameplay, like being able to destroy walls or change other terrain features.

For now the game is using Oryx Design’s Tiny Dungeon sprite pack, which I don’t have the right to distribute. In the future I may add a programmer art version, but for now here is the source without artwork.